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Season One of Korbin's Korner is about beginnings and it's LIVE. 
Whether you're figuring out writing for the first time or you've put out several novels, we're all looking to improve.

So let's start with some of the basic fundamentals while we get to know one another.
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How do you actually make money writing?
If writing is your passion and you want to know what the road ahead looks like, then take a listen. In this episode, I break down the three routes of creative writing that you'll have before you. You can go into publishing your fiction through traditional or self-publishing. Or, you can start striking out into the world of freelance writing. Listen blow for more information.
Not into listening to things? Do you flee at the arrival of loud noises? Or did you just forget your headphones at home? Head over to the blog for more information on writing.
Want to spend some cash on a thrilling adventure? Step right up for characters you'll love, settings to captivate, and conflict to dig at your very soul.
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